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Our Football School is the first FC Barcelona Academy in Australia. Its aim is to teach Australian players football the Barça way, training in line with current FC Barcelona methodology.

The Barça Academy empowers young players to successfully overcome future sporting challenges while simultaneously instilling the personal values which the Barça Academy represent: Humility, Effort, Ambition, Respect and Teamwork.

The aim of the Barça Academy Brisbane is to teach the players the concepts of football encompassed in the FC Barcelona methodology in order for them to be able to deal successfully with sporting challenges in the future, while also transmitting the values that are the core of the FCB:

Humility, Effort, Ambition, Respect and Teamwork.


Our development will empower players to successfully overcome future sporting challenges while simultaneously instilling the personal values which are so representative of FC Barcelona such as tolerance, respect, solidarity, friendship, fair play, integration, effort and happiness.



Taher Mortezaie

Technical Director

Taher Mortezaie is originally from the ancient country of Iran. At the age of 8 he and his family moved to Sweden and where he grew up in the beautiful city of Stockholm. He went through all the education system of Sweden and studied Philosophy at Stockholm University (SU). However, as you can imagine, all his life the main element has always been, and still is, Football. From very young age he started to play the beautiful sport. Playing in the highest youth leagues in Sweden the second division as a senior player.


All of this took a wild turn at the age of 23, when Taher decided to leave everything behind to search for his dream to become a professional player. Through a scholarship he moved to Brazil to play football and managed to play as a professional in the Brazilian Second Division.


Playing in Brazil was the experience of a lifetime, but the best thing that happened during his time in Brazil was actually not to do with football. It just so happened that during his stay in Sao Paulo he met his now wife, Cintia. A couple of months later the couple decided to move together to Barcelona, Spain. In Barcelona Taher continued to play for local teams, but his focus shifted to becoming a professional coach.


He undertook UEFA B and UEFA A and started coaching in some of the highest ranked teams in the Catalan Football Association. Not long after this, Taher landed his dream to Coach with FC Barcelona. The possibility to work with not just the best club in the world when coming to the results, but above all to work as a coach for a club where the methodology is something so sacred and so innovative that it changed his way of seeing football.


10 years have since passed and he is now destined for Brisbane Australia… Taher has this to say:


“Barcelona is an amazing city and leaving now has reminded me of all the experiences that I’ve had, both with Football and personally. Citina and I have grown a lot in our time and above all, this is the city where our beautiful little daughter Nina was born. Having said that, and looking back to all the different places I have lived through my life, it feels great and exciting to start this fantastic project in Brisbane. We couldn’t be more excited!

My aim is to transmit what I have learned through the years, to grow and develop the young players of the beautiful game in Brisbane. In return I will learn another great culture. Visca Barça! Visca Brisbane!”

Bruno Avila

Academy Manager


The programs are structured to ensure that every coach plays a close role in each player’s development and the training sessions encourage a high degree of participation. As a result, each team is composed of a maximum of 12 players.

The Barça Academy Brisbane employs the same training methods used by the youth teams at the Club, which consist of a group of progressive and interrelated exercises, adapted to each training level or stage.

The Barça Academy Brisbane consists of different training phases according to the different age groups and a supplementary skill-based program (Tecnificació).